Some Problems Associated With Giving a Weekly Fishing Report

I received a comment not so long ago taking exception with one of my fishing reports. The guy had enjoyed very good fishing for several days on the Umpqua River and wanted to know why I was reporting the fishing as inconsistent.

This is a common mistake made by individual fishermen – where they equate their personal fishing success with the success of the entire fishing public. At the same this person was having a good week of fishing, I was getting report after report of of anglers having poor or inconsistent fishing success.

I absolutely hate giving a fishing report that gives anglers an overly-optimistic, yet unrealistic idea of their probably fishing success. At the same time, if there is a chance of their having a decent outing, I don’t want to discourage them. It’s a fine line to walk and it is made more diffficult by the time lag between when a fishing report is written and when it is actually published.

That is a major reason why I over-use such words as however and possibly.

Of course, anglers could do a better job of being aware of fishing success beyond their own immediate sphere. When fishing is tough, it seems that many anglers do everything they can do to not notice the fish catches made by anybody else.

I once fished a productive sand dunes lake near Hauser (North of North Bend) and caught and released sever nice-sized bass on buzzbaits while the the angler I was introducing to the lake fished 20 yards away. As soon as I set the hook, he would quickly turn his float tube so his back was to me.

In response, I made sure to allow each bass to make as much commotion and noise as possible, yet when we finished the two hour trip, the angler asked me if I had had any “bites”.

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