Stockade Market

The Stockade Market in Winchester Bay, Oregon is the type of business that definitely grows on you. Actually, more of a tackleshop and marine hardware store than a grocery, it is a seasonal business like virtually every other business in Winchester Bay. From late spring through fall, business is hopping, while during the winter and early spring months, customers can get all the personal attention they want – and more.

As a longtime employee of the store, I love working for the current owners, Liz Adamo and Nancy Hammond, who are thoughtful and make an effort to return every favor ever done for them. The store’s customer base is amazingly varied and quite interesting. Each year, I deal with, on average,  people from about 45 states and a dozen countries including people from virtually every Canadian province. I have found that these people are a tremendous source of fishing and other information – and the way I found this out is by not holding back on any of the information, mostly fishing or crabbing, that I give them. In fact, I am absolutely convinced that the best way to acquire fishing information is to give plenty of it out.

Taking the time to give people accurate and detailed information practically forces them to return the same and for some reason, my increasingly questionable memory has absolutely no problem retaining fishing-related information. Another thing that makes being employed by the Stockade Market anything but work is the smiles on the faces of the people who visit the store and our area in general.

While they may be forced to live elsewhere, by career or work, they love to visit our immediate area which has a wider recreation base than anyother place along the Pacific Coast. It’s a shame that some of the people that actually work here do not fully appreciate it, but they would if they spend much time living elsewhere.

In the meantime, I will continue looking forward to everyday of going “to work” at the Stockade Market knowing some very interesting people will show up to briefly keep me company and at the end of the day I will be smarter than I was at its start. I am looking forward to meeting up with you so that we can spend a few minutes making each other smarter and better informed – in the meantime – have a great year and “Good Fishin’”

About Pete Heley

Writes and self-publishes Oregon and Washington fishing books.

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