Umpqua River Pinkfin Finally Show Up in Numbers. (Monday Morning).

The much-anticipated pinkfin run into the Umpqua River above Winchester Bay has begun in earnest. Although some pinkfin (actually redtail surfperch) were caught last week, the run did not build or improve. However Monday morning , obviously freshly-arrived perch had arrived in numbers and were biting aggressively. The usual fishing spots include the entire north shoreline from across from the entrance to Winchester Bay’s East Boat Basin all the way up to Marker 21. At Marker 12, the fishery shifts to slightly south of the middle of the river. Sand shrimp is the preferred natural bait and Berkley Gulp sandworms in the camo color pattern is the preferred artificial bait.The perch seem to bite best when the tidal current is strong and during the last couple of years, the perch have moved in and out of the river with strong tides. The run usually lasts through July.

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