Update to Coos County Trout Plants.

amid an absolutely pathetic salmon season, several local waters are slated to receive trout plants; these waters are: 30 acre Bradley Lake south of Bandon which is slated to receive 800 trophy rainbows.; Upper Empire Lake – this 30 acre lake may also receive additional trout beyond the 2,000 that were intended for it. as well as additional trout intended for Lower Empire Lake. 50 acre Saunders will also be stocked with 1,300 trout – and if the water beneath the railroad trestle is too shallow, the planted trout may be trapped in the five or six acre western section of the lake.

The 600 trout planted in Butterfield Lake will not have access to the western section of the lake (west of the railroad tracks and will remain in the less than 20 acre main section of the lake.

Fishing will be difficult due to weedy low water at 30 acre Powers Pond, but the planted trout go on an intense right at dusk. The October plant will consist of 1,300 trophy rainbows.

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