WDFW News – Canadian-Origin Salmon Transportation Rule Finalized.

Action: Finalizes method for obtaining clearance number for salmon caught in Canada.

Effective Date: July 6, 2018.

Species affected: Salmon.

Location: Washington marine areas.

Reason for action: Anglers seeking to possess and/or land Canadian-caught salmon in Washington waters or ports of call need a way to document the origin of the fish. Canadian Customs and Border Security no longer provides clearance numbers to travelers entering Canadian waters by boat if the travelers do not anchor or go ashore.

WDFW previously instructed anglers to fill out an online form before going fishing in Canada. Consistent with action taken by the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission, this regulation makes filling out the form a requirement.

Other information: Anglers who intend on fishing for salmon in Canadian waters and returning to a Washington port without clearing customs can find the form online at https://wdfw.wa.gov/licensing/canadian_catch.php.

The form requests basic trip and contact information from the leader of a fishing party and must be submitted prior to leaving Washington. The party leader will receive an email from WDFW with a confirmation code.

A Washington fishing license is not required to fish in Canada or to fill out the trip notification form. A WILD ID number can be used to fill out the form but it is not required.

Information contact: Fish Program: Mark Baltzell, 360-902-2807; Enforcement Program: Dan Chadwick, 360-249-4628, ext. 252.

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