WDFW News – Neah Bay Update.

Anglers must release Chinook in Neah Bay beginning Sunday, July 14

Action: Closes Chinook retention.

Effective date: July 14, 2019.

Species affected: Chinook salmon.

Location: Marine Area 4.

Reason for action: Catch Area 4 is expected to reach its Chinook guideline at current catch rates, which would require closure of the fishery in the area; this rule should extend the fishing season to provide opportunity to access harvestable coho in the area.

Additional information: Waters of Marine Area 4 east of a true north-south line through Sail Rock are closed. The daily limit for salmon in Neah Bay remains at two salmon.

Anglers are reminded to always check for emergency rule changes prior to fishing. Rule changes can be found on the website at https://fortress.wa.gov/dfw/erules/efishrules/ or by calling the fishing hotline at 360-902-2500.

Information contact: Region 6 office, 360-249-4628

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