WDFW News – Yakima River Smallmouth Bass Study Still On Going.

Action: Requires the release of smallmouth bass tagged in the dorsal fin with an orange “spaghetti” tag.

Effective dates: April 12 through May 13, 2016.

Species affected: Smallmouth bass.

Location: Lower Yakima River and Columbia River in the Yakima Delta area near Bateman Island, Benton Co.

Reason for action: Yakama Nation fishery staff are tagging up to 55 adult smallmouth bass with acoustic (sonic) tags on April 12-13, possibly extending into the following week depending on collection conditions. This is part of a telemetry study tracking bass movements in the lower Yakima River during their spring migration/spawning season.

To implant the acoustic tags, the bass will be anesthetized using the Food and Drug Administration-approved chemical sedative MS-222. All fish with acoustic tags will be visibly identifiable by an orange “spaghetti” tag inserted at the base of the dorsal fin. These tagged smallmouth bass should be released and must not be eaten. Residual anesthetic in the tagged fish will dissipate by mid-May and be safe for human consumption under the FDA rules.

Information contact: John Easterbrooks, regional Fish Program manager, (509)-457-9330.

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